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Home » Boot washer » Boot wash station for work shoes
Boot wash station for work shoes | Technical data | Accessories | Testreports |
Price:  CHF 790.00 inc. VAT 7.7% 
 CHF 733.50 excl. VAT
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Also suitable for sport and work shoes thanks to the low-mounted brushes.
Low water consumption thanks to sophisticated technology.
Comes with a stainless-steel collecting basin for the drained dirty water.
Small and handy – easy to transport.
Very easy to use.

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 5-7 working days


Boot wash station
for work shoes

Also suitable
for rubber

Boot wash station
for work shoes
in use


The boot wash station for work shoes has the following advantages:
  • Clean interiors – dirt is left outside
  • Low water consumption thanks to sophisticated technology
  • Low investment cost
  • Robust and long-lasting technology
  • Low wear
  • Rapid cleaning with excellent results
  • Standard grating (ca. 600mm x 400mm)
  • Hands stay clean
  • Very easy to use
  • Exchangeable brushes
  • Hand brushes are not supplied. Please choose between
    the different models at the bottom of this page in the accessories
    section. Please ensure that you have a water distributor (y-shaped) to connect the hand held cleaning brush.
    Compatible hand-held brushes come in 2 varieties (see accessories):
     Simple version made out of plastic with nylon bristles, 
          1.2m connection hose
    2.) Profi-version (LUX) made out of stainless steel with plastic handle,
          hand controlled valve, 1.2m connection hose, R ¾ inch connection

Boot wash station for work shoes suitable for sport and work shoes and easy to transport

Image: Boot wash station for work shoes suitable for sport and work shoes and easy to transport.

For years, we have preoccupied ourselves with the cleaning of all types of shoe soles. In many areas (composting plants, waste sites), as well as the worry of work shoe contamination, the danger of spreading germs and bacteria is a big issue. We have developed the boot wash station for work shoes – a type of cleaning scraper with the aid of water – to provide the ideal solution to this problem.

The boot wash station for work shoes is currently in use in fire stations, municipalities, soil plants, waste sites, sewage plants, sport centres and many more businesses throughout Europe.

How it works:

  1. The boot wash station for work shoes is supplied with water by a GEKA hose connection. By moving the side lever, the user activates the flow of water which runs through deep set water nozzles that wet the lower brushes.
  2. Rapid and effective sole cleaning occurs when the user lightly rubs the shoe. At the same time, the side brushes ensure that the shoe edges are cleaned.

Socks and shoe uppers remain protected from water thanks to the deep-set layout of the water nozzles, making this boot wash station ideally suited for sport and work shoes.

The boot wash station for work shoes comes with a special stainless steel basin to collect the used water. A drain ensures that this water is properly disposed of. Thanks to a prefabricated mounting base, the basin can be easily bolted into the ground.



Technical data

Casing: Galvanised steel grate; Basin: Stainless steel
Dimensions including stainless steel basin:
695 mm x 450 mm x 320 mm (width x depth x height)
Water inflow: GEKA connection
Water outflow: Through the stainless steel basin at the front
Electrical supply: no power demand
Weight: 15 kg
Warranty: 2 years


Accessories for Boot wash station for work shoes Checkmark the box an hit "add to basket"
  description price  
 Hand-held brush made of plastic  CHF 118.65 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 110.20 excl. VAT
 Hand-held brush made of stainless steel  CHF 354.35 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 329.00 excl. VAT
 Set of brushes for boot wash station for work shoes  CHF 199.00 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 184.75 excl. VAT
 Water distributor y-shaped  CHF 65.00 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 60.35 excl. VAT

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Boot wash station for work shoes
Boot wash station for work shoes
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