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Home » Sole cleaning machines » Sole cleaner for tennis shoes
Sole cleaner for tennis shoes | Technical data |
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Effectively removes sand from tennis shoes using wet sole cleaning.
Provides a superior cleaning performance compared to traditional tennis shoe cleaning machines.
Shoe drying/drainage area included.
No water connection necessary thanks to the large water tank!
No power connection necessary!

Technical data sheet / brochure

Available Options:
1. Version:

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 10-20 working days (custom-made)


Sole cleaner
for tennis
shoes in
standard design

Sole cleaner
for tennis
shoes in
Eco design

Sole cleaner
for tennis
shoes in
Eco design

Easy set
up next
to the tennis

Front: Draining
area to
get rid
of the water


The Sole cleaner for tennis shoes is firmly situated in the second generation of shoe cleaners. This advanced, sophisticated concept is based on 10 years of experience. The device was specially developed for use in tennis complexes and can easily cope with a large number of users. Advantages of the Tennis Shoe Cleaner:
  • Shoes are completely freed of tennis sand.
  • Wet cleaning with drying area.
  • Technology is based on 10 years of experience.
  • No water connection necessary.
  • No power connection necessary.
  • Self-regulating water tank (atmospheric adjustment).
  • No water can get inside the shoe.
  • Water tank cover in 2 designs (see options).

Effectively removes sand from tennis shoes using wet sole cleaning

Image: Effectively removes sand from tennis shoes using wet sole cleaning.


The Sole cleaner for tennis shoes is superior to other shoe cleaners and shoe cleaning machines designed for tennis shoes. This is because sand and dirt are brushed off and at the same time dissolved in water, where they will remain. As a result, no dust remains on the brushes, where it could transfer elsewhere.

The technology is as simple as it is genius:
The brushes that clean the soles are placed in a shallow concrete water basin with an automatic, self-regulating water level. Therefore, the bristles lie under the water’s surface, with only a tiny part sticking out above the water. Using this concept, any sand or dirt clinging to the tennis shoe soles goes directly into the water when the shoe soles are rubbed against the bristles. The newly-cleaned shoes can dry in the draining area, situated directly next to the brushes: a sponge absorbs the rest of the water and disposes of it underneath.

The result:
Truly clean and dry tennis shoes. Neither a water nor a power connection is required to achieve these amazing results!

The Sole cleaner for tennis shoes is divided into three parts:

  • Water tank with cover (2 designs: stainless steel/glass fibre reinforced plastic. See options)
  • Brush basins with vertical and horizontal brushes lying in the water
  • Drying area with water drain

Standard design: Water tank cover in stainless steel design:
Looks elegant and is extremely robust and weatherproof: Our stainless steel cover with the standard version. Individual wishes may also be considered when it comes to the design (by request).

Eco-design: GFRP water tank cover:
The Eco-version comes with a cover made out of glass fibre reinforced plastic. The GFRP cover can deviate in colour.


Technical data

Casing/ water basins: concrete, reddish brown
Measurements: 1170 mm x 460 mm x 650 mm (width x depth x height)
Brushes: arranged horizontally and vertically, lie in the water
Water tank cover:
Standard design: stainless steel
Eco design: GFRP, green (colour can vary)
Water connection: No water required
Electrical suuply: No power required
Weight: 120 kg (ECO 112 kg)
Warranty: 2 years


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