• Shoe sole cleaner industry
Shoe sole cleaner industry
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Thorough and efficient mechanical cleaning of shoe soles
Ideal for healthcare and small businesses in the food and pharmaceutical industries
Integrated dosing pump and canister holder for cleaning agents
With sensor control
Completely made of stainless steel
Support rod for safe standing during sole cleaning
For 230 volt power connection (400 volt version available, see options)


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The Shoe sole cleaner industry is a compact sole cleaning machine for the hygiene sector. This sole cleaning device is ideal for the hygienically perfect sole cleaning of small groups of people in smaller production plants in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in the health sector. The sole cleaner is equipped with a high-quality round brush made of nylon. The machine is made entirely of high-quality stainless steel 1.4031 and is characterized by an extremely robust construction. This sole cleaning machine for the hygiene sector is suitable for the soles of all common shoes in production plants and the health service.
The Shoe sole cleaner industry convinces with the following properties:
  • Thorough mechanical cleaning of the soles.
  • Automatic dosing pump for cleaning agents.
  • With integrated canister holder.
  • Made of finely ground, stainless steel.
  • Minimal energy consumption.
  • Meets all EU hygiene regulations and TÜV regulations.
  • With CE mark.
  • Simple and fast installation and commissioning.

  • Shoe sole cleaner industry with integrated dosage pump

    Image: Shoe sole cleaner industry with integrated dosage pump.

    The horizontal round brush of the sole cleaning machine is mounted under a step grate through which the nylon bristles of the brush protrude. When the foot is positioned on the grate, the rotation of the brushes is triggered by a proximity sensor. The rotating brushes completely remove any contaminants adhering to the sole and thoroughly disinfect the soles with the mixture of water and cleaning agent added to the brush. An automatic dosing pump and a canister holder for the disinfectant ensure that the disinfectant solution is dosed according to your requirements. The soles of work shoes, boots or clogs are thoroughly cleaned in a few moments and disinfected hygienically. For a stable hold during sole cleaning, the sole cleaner is equipped with a support rod.

    The use of high-quality stainless steel makes the sole cleaner very robust. In addition, the brushes can be removed quickly and easily without tools, which reduces maintenance to an absolute minimum.

    The sole cleaning device is available in versions for 230-volt and 400-volt connections (see options).

    The Shoe sole cleaner industry  is ready for connection, but siphon, seals and small parts are not included in the scope of delivery.

    Technical data

    Construction: Stainless steel
    585 mm x 630 mm x 1160 mm (length x depth x height)
    Water inflow: R 1/2"
    Water outflow: DN 50
    Contact switch: sensor
    Electrical supply of 230 Volt: 1 x 230V / N / PE; 50 Hz
    Electrical supply of 400 Volt (option): 3 x 400V / N / PE; 50 Hz
    Capacity: 0,25 kW
    Protection Class:  IP65
    Weight:  34 kg
    Warranty: 2 years