• Disinfection tub
  • Disinfection tub
Disinfection tub
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For thorough and efficient sole disinfection
Ideal for daily use in the pharmaceutical, food and meat industries
Suitable for boots, clogs and work shoes
With standpipe valve as water drain
Removable, slip-resistant stainless steel grating
With height-adjustable stainless steel screw feet
Made of high-quality brushed stainless steel
Available with automatic dosing pump on request (see options)


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With our disinfection tub we offer a simple, cost-efficient and hygienically perfect solution for the thorough and efficient disinfection of shoe and boot soles. The ideal area of application for this disinfection basin in platform design is in small to medium-sized companies in the pharmaceutical, meat and food industries, which value compliance with the highest hygiene standards. In larger businesses with hygiene areas, this disinfection tub is also suitable for shoe disinfection in front of side entrances and for passageways between different areas of the protected zone.

We offer the basin in the standard version 1090 x 640 x 190 mm. On request we can offer you this disinfection tub in the dimensions you require.
Our disinfection tub convinces with the following characteristics in every production plant with hygiene area:
  • Fast and perfect sole disinfection
  • Made of high-quality brushed stainless steel
  • With anti-slip, removable stainless steel grating
  • Available with automatic dosing pump (see options)
  • With standpipe valve for water drain
  • Platform version
  • With 4 height-adjustable screw feet
  • Desinfektionswanne als Podestausführung

    Image: Disinfection tub made of stainless steel as platform version

    Disinfection trays are a cost-effective but extremely efficient option for disinfecting the soles of shoes and boots before entering sensitive production areas. In order to enter the hygiene area, employees must pass through the disinfection basin, which is filled with the disinfectant solution they require. The employees move on an anti-slip grating made of stainless steel, which is below the level of the disinfection liquid. When crossing the tub, the soles of the shoes and the edges of the boots automatically come into multiple contact with the disinfectant. This ensures perfectly disinfected soles and sole edges. The disinfection basin can be used with boots, clogs and work shoes.

    The disinfection tub is equipped with a standpipe valve which prevents the disinfectant solution from overflowing during use. To empty the tub, the standpipe valve can simply be removed and the liquid drains off in a few moments. On request, the tank can be equipped with an automatic dosing pump, which automatically ensures the correct level and concentration of the disinfectant solution.

    The grating can be easily removed for quick and easy cleaning of the tub. In addition, the disinfection basin with its four screw feet can be levelled according to the existing conditions. Thanks to the use of high-quality brushed stainless steel, the disinfection tray is extremely robust and has a long service life.

    This disinfection tub is designed for permanent installation in conjunction with a more comprehensive hygiene concept. If you are interested in a similar, mobile solution, we can recommend a disinfection mat.

    Technical data

    Construction: stainless steel 1.4301
    Dimensions: 1090 x 640 x 190 mm (width x depth x height)
    Water outflow: DN 50
    Weight: kg netto
    Guarantee: 2 years