• Walk Through Boot Washer
  • Walk Through Boot Washer
  • Walk Through Boot Washer
Walk Through Boot Washer
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Walk through boot washer for cleaning boot soles and shafts
For efficient and hygienic sole and shaft cleaning
Ideal for smaller production companies in the food and slaughter industry
Ideal for medium and large production companies (approx. 30 employees per shift)
Bypass-proof forced guidance of personnel
Integrated injector for dosing detergents and disinfectants
Made of high-quality, stainless 1.4301 stainless steel
Available as version with and without sole cleaning (see options)


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Walk through boot washer for a hygienic environment made of stainless steel 1.4301!
  • Efficient and hygienic cleaning of boot soles and shafts.
  • Very robust and functional design guarantees quick and thorough cleaning of soles and boot shafts.
  • All internal components are easily reachable through revision flaps for easy maintenance.
  • Brushes can be removed without tools, which makes the cleaning of the machine quick and easy.
  • The machine is automatically activated or deactivated by a sensor control system.
  • All surfaces are finely polished.
  • With railing for a secure hold during boot cleaning.
  • Fine dosing of the cleaning agent is possible (injector).
  • Walk Through Boot Washer for cleaning of boots and boot legs

    Image: Walk Through Boot Washer for cleaning of boots and boot legs.

    The walk through boot washer allows a quick and thorough cleaning of the soles and boot shafts with minimum time and energy consumption. The machine is designed so that a large number of people can leave and enter rooms in a very short time. The rotation of the round brushes is activated by a sensor when the sole cleaning machine is entered and stopped again when leaving. Rubbing the boots on the rotating bottom and side brushes cleans the soles and shafts quickly and thoroughly. The integrated injector ensures an optimal mixing ratio between water and the cleaning agent during boot cleaning. Changing the dosing nozzle changes the mixture of water and detergent/disinfectant. A permanently mounted side handrail on both sides ensures a continuously stable footing when the boot washer is walked through. 

    The walk through boot cleaner is available in two different versions (see options). The standard version is designed for simultaneous cleaning of the boot soles and shafts and is equipped with 3 side and 2 bottom brushes. Alternatively, we offer a version for pure shaft cleaning. This boot washer is only equipped with the three side brushes and is particularly suitable as an additional cleaning element after a pass-through sole cleaner.

    The walk through boot washer is ready for connection. All you need are various seals and small parts.

    Technical data

    Construction: Stainless steel 1.4301
    Dimensions (Version: boot leg and sole cleaning combination):
    1160 mm x 815/1615 mm x 1213 mm (Length x Depth x Height)
    Depth of device: 815 mm
    Length of steps head side: 2 x 400 = 800 mm
    Dimensions (Version: only cleaning of the boot leg):
    800 mm x 330/1130 mm x 1220 mm (Length x Depth x Height)
    Depth of device: 330 mm
    Length of steps head side: 2 x 400 = 800 mm
    Water inflow: 3/4"
    Water outflow: DN 50
    Contact switch: Sensor in the handle bar
    Electrical supply: 3x400V/N/PE; 50 Hz
    Capacity: 1.25 kW
    Protection class: IP 65
    Weight: 160 / 120 kg
    Warranty: 2 years