• Hygiene centre soles and hands
  • Hygiene centre soles and hands
  • Hygiene centre soles and hands
Hygiene centre soles and hands
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Hand and shoe cleaning and disinfection in a minimum amount of space
Ideal for production companies that do not require a complete hygiene airlock
With integrated hand wash basin, towel dispenser and a waste bin
Two-handed disinfection unit that is safe from being outwitted
2 high-quality roller brushes for sole cleaning
All cleaning modules are sensor-controlled and contactless.
Cleaning agents and running times are individually adjustable
Forced control ensures that all cleaning steps are carried out
Easy handling - 3 x 400 V connection


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Hands and shoe soles can be optimally cleaned and disinfected at a single station with the extremely compact stationary Hygiene Center for soles and hands. This cleaning system contains all the elements of a complex hygiene lock in a confined space. A compulsory sequence ensures that all employees have completed all cleaning and disinfection steps before they can enter the protected hygiene area. This hygiene centre is ideal for small to medium-sized production companies in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or canteen catering which are dependent on compliance with strict hygiene regulations but have to dispense with a complete hygiene system.
The following features make the Hygiene Centre for soles and hands a reliable access control system for sensitive production areas:

  • Sensor-controlled, mechanical sole cleaning.
  • With 2 high-quality nylon roller brushes.
  • Generous basin for hand washing.
  • With non-contact and sensor-controlled soap dispenser.
  • Automatic, contactless water release.
  • Integrated folding towel dispenser and wastepaper basket.
  • Two-handed disinfection, safe from outwitting.
  • Sensor-controlled hand disinfection by means of full-cone jet nozzles.
  • Individually adjustable dosing quantities and running times of the various cleaning modules.
  • Controlled forced sequence ensures the execution of all steps.
  • Ideal for connection to an electric door opener.
  • With multi-LED display.
  • Brush strips can be removed for cleaning without tools.
  • All functional parts are accessible through maintenance flaps.
  • With height-adjustable screw feet made of stainless steel.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel 1.4301.
  • Einfache Handhabung des Hygienecenters für Sohlen und Hände

    Image: Space-saving sole cleaning, hand washing and hand disinfection with the Hygiene Centre for soles and hands.

    When an employee approaches the hygiene centre, the red LED display indicates that the system is ready for operation. The anti-slip, removable stainless steel step makes it easy to enter the hygiene station. The employee stands on the stainless steel grid of the sole cleaning module during the entire cleaning and disinfection process. Sensors trigger the rotation of the roller brushes when the operator enters the system. The bristles of the high-quality nylon brushes protrude through the grating and rub all dirt off the soles. Water and the disinfectant is automatically directed onto the brushes in the desired concentration. The exact running time of the sole cleaning device can be adapted to the individual needs of each company.

    While the soles are cleaned automatically, the employee washes and disinfects his hands using the following steps:

    Step 1: The pre-set amount of detergent reaches the hands via the contact-free, sensor-controlled soap dispensers.

    Step 2: Once the soap has been dispensed, the water in the sink starts to flow automatically for the pre-set time. The employee can then wash his hands thoroughly in the wash tray. All used water is collected in the stainless steel water tray and automatically drained off. The risk of water being carried over is reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the generous design of the hand-washing sink. After the fresh water flow has been stopped, the LED display switches from red to yellow.

    Step 3: With the paper towel dispenser attached to the hygiene centre, hands can be thoroughly dried after washing by hand. The used folding towel is dumped in the laterally positioned waste paper basket.

    Step 4: After drying the hands, the employee places his hands in the two openings of the hand disinfector. Two sensors ensure the continuous presence of the hands and trigger the hand disinfection process. The hands are moistened with the disinfectant from all sides using full-cone jet nozzles. The exact application quantity is also pre-adjusted according to the needs of the company.

    After successful hand disinfection, the signal display switches to green and the electrically connected door opener is released for entering the hygiene area. The LED display then switches back to red and the next employee can enter the hygiene centre.

    The Hygiene Centre for soles and hands is ready for connection, but the price does not include siphon, backflow preventer, sealing and small parts or installation.

    Technical data

    Case: stainless steel 1.4301
    860 x 1155 x 1885 mm (width x depth x hight) Item number: SRMH-00151 Water inflow: 3/4" max. 43 °C
    Water outflow: DN 50
    Contact switch: sensor
    Electrical supply: 400V/N/PE; 50/60 Hz
    Capacity: 1,25 kW
    Protection class: IP 65
    Weight: kg net
    Warranty: 2 years