• Shoe cover machine 100
  • Shoe cover machine 100
  • Shoe cover machine 100
Shoe cover machine 100
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Compact, professional shoe cover machine
Holds 100 overshoes
Suitable for all types of shoes
The overshoes are fast and easy to put on - even for the inexperienced
Purely mechanical - no power necessary!
Quick and easy to refill disposable overshoes

Please note: The shoe cover dispenser does not come filled with overshoes. Overshoes can be ordered as an accessory.


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With our professional shoe cover machine 100 you can save a lot of time when putting on disposable overshoes. The annoying, time-consuming and uncomfortable putting on of overshoes before entering sensitive areas is shortened by four times with an automatic overshoe dispenser. In seconds the overshoes are put on on any kind of shoes. Due to its compact dimensions, the shoe cover machine 100 is very mobile and can be used at any place at any time. With its capacity of around 100 overshoes, this automatic overshoe dispenser can be used without any problems for larger numbers of people.
Our automatic shoe cover machines are in daily use by innumerable customers from the electrical engineering, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, health service, real estate industry, and many more. Wearing disposable overshoes increases the slip resistance of the employees and ensures the maintenance of high hygiene standards. An automatic overshoe dispenser prevents cross-contamination and accidents.
Learn more about the function of the shoe cover machine 100 in this product video:


Automatic Shoe cover dispenser 100 for hygienic environments. Advantages:

  • Professional, compact sheo cover machine
  • Accelerates the putting on of overshoes by a factor of four
  • Purely mechanical - no electricity
  • Very quiet during use
  • High user-friendliness: No bending down, simple operation even for inexperienced users
  • High stability
  • Easy installation in almost any location
  • Improves hygiene and cleanliness
  • Reduces risk of infections and germs
  • Capacity: approx. 100 one-way overshoes
  • Quick and easy to refill the overshoes
  • Suitable for all outdoor shoes (low shoes, boots, heels, sports shoes, etc.)
  • Suitable for visitors of food companies and clean rooms

    Shoe cover machine 100 lets the overshoes to be put on fast and easy - even for first-time or inexpercienced users

    Image: Shoe cover machine 100 lets the overshoes to be put on fast and easy - even for first-time or inexpercienced users.

    The user guides his foot in a horizontal position into the opening of the automatic shoe cover dispenser. The disposable shoe cover is then automatically pulled over the shoe. By pulling the shoe backwards, the disposable shoe cover is removed from the machine and the shoe is securely fastened. With the overshoe dispenser 100, putting on overshoes is four times faster than by hand. Employees and visitors do not need to sit in front of the entrance to the sensitive areas and the unpleasant bending and dislocating while putting on the overshoes is a matter of the past.

    Due to a variety of overshoes, the automatic overshoe dispenser 100 is suitable for any application. Our automatic overshoe dispensers have proven their worth for employees and visitors of hotels, schools, laboratories, offices, catering facilities, hospitals, dairies, showrooms, showrooms, rental apartments, production facilities, clean rooms, protection zones etc.

    Please note:
    The shoe cover machine 100 can only be refilled using the overshoe packe, which can be purchased as an accessory.

    Technical data

    Construction: Plastic
    700 mm x 320 mm x 280 mm (Length x Width x Height)
    Electrical supply: No power demand
    Weight: 10 kg
    Warranty: 2 years


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    Automatic overshoe dispenser

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      Das Gerät wird rege gebraucht und ist nicht weg zu denken. Wir sind sehr zufrieden damit.