• Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
  • Ski-boot-dryer
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Professional shoe and boot dryers made of stainless steel.
Compact, high-quality shoe dryer for private households.
Ideal for farms and small businesses.
Warm Boot dryer UK for 4 pairs of shoes.
With maintenance-free, low-consumption blower.
With individually electro-heated hangers.
Efficient and careful drying of ski boots and other shoes.
Individually heated hangers (warm air, no hot air).
With 24-hour timer and 4-hour direct timer
Straightforward installation.


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The ski boot dryer for 4 pairs of boots dries the ski boots of the whole family and removes foot odour. This small and compact ski boot dryer is ideal for private households.
Blowing warm air into shoes is the most efficient way to dry them carefully. The ski boot dryer (with maintenance-free radial blower) brings warm air into the inner boot of the ski boot and dries it quickly and reliably. The warm air not only eliminates the ingress of moisture, but also foot sweat. Due to its size it is ideal for drying sports shoes (ski boots, snowboard boots, ice skates, football boots, etc.) in private homes, holiday apartments or chalets. Thanks to its efficient drying performance, it is also suitable for drying work shoes and working boots on farms and other small businesses.
The ski boot dryer impresses with the following features when drying shoes and boots of all kinds:
  • Professional shoe and boot dryer in stainless steel design
  • Dries 4 pairs of shoes at once
  • Ideal for drying ski boots, snowboard boots, hiking boots, etc. in private households
  • Ideal for drying heavy footwear (work shoes, boots, etc.) in smaller companies
  • Dries all types of shoes and boots carefully through warm air (no hot air!)
  • With maintenance-free hot air blower
  • The centrifugal blower is extremely energy efficient (industry leader)
  • With programmable 24-hour timer
  • Additional 4-hour winding clock for direct control of the drying process
  • Special holding hangers allow warm air to flow directly into the inside of the shoe
  • The 8 hanger are additionally heated by electric power
  • Simple hanging of the shoes on the hangers
  • The tips of the shoes always face upwards: More efficient and faster drying
  • Tip-over of shoes and boots is prevented by the ironing form
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Construction is very robust and long-lasting
  • Very simple to clean
  • Supplied ready to plug in (230 volts)
  • Simple wall mounting thanks to the delivered suspension template
  • Special attachments for glove drying are available (see accessories below)

  • Ski-boot-dryer dries ski boots and other shoes gently and efficiently
    Image: Ski-boot-dryer dries ski boots and other shoes carefully and efficiently.

    The ski boot dryer is equipped with a maintenance-free radial blower and has additional electrically heated hangers. The combination of warm air and heating enables particularly fast and efficient drying.

    The warm air (no hot air!) flows out of the numerous air outlets of the hangers in all directions and allows a careful drying and no overheating of the inner shoe (in contrast to badly constructed shoe dryers, which use too hot air and consume too much electricity at the same time).

    Thanks to the special shape of the hangers:

  • ski boots can be easily hung up
  • boots are dried efficiently as the top of the ski boots faces upwards
  • ski boots cannot tipp over
  • The built-in 24-hour timer can be used to determine exactly when drying takes place during the day. Alternatively, the 4-hour direct timer can be used to start the dryer immediately without having to cancel any programming. 

    Our ski boot dryer with blower can also be used in combination with our special glove attachments (accessories).

    The ski boot dryer can easily be mounted on the wall (with a pattern as a help) even by beginners.

    Technical data

    Case: Stainless steel V2A
    Colors of the case:
    Dimensios with bars:
    For 4 pairs of shoes: 55 cm x 37 cm x 66 cm (Width x Depth x Height)
    Timer 1: 24h, programmable Timer 2: 4h, direct timer
    Electrical supply: 230V / 50 Hz
    Capactiy: 130 Watt
    Weight: 12 kg
    Warranty: 2 years


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