• Boot- and clothes dryer warm air
  • Boot- and clothes dryer warm air
  • Boot- and clothes dryer warm air
Boot- and clothes dryer warm air
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Simultaneous drying of shoes, jackets, trousers and gloves
Optionally for 4 or 8 complete sets
Efficient and careful drying of shoes, gloves and clothes
Professional design made of powder-coated and sendzimir galvanised sheet steel
Individually heated blow-out hangers for clothes, boots and gloves
With removable blow-out coat hanger
Freely adjustable timer (7 day program, day program, countdown timer, etc.)


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The boot and clothes dryer warm air reliably removes moisture from shoes, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers and overalls.

The powerful, multiple thermo-protected fan (up to 385 m3 per hour) and the high-quality stainless steel heating coil of this universal dryer allow gloves, jacket, trousers and shoes to be dried efficiently, quickly and gently. The new, extremely stable drying arms made of aluminium with special blow-out caps ensure fast and comfortable drying of shoes, boots and gloves. In addition, the special oval shape of the drying arms prevents the to be dried ski boots, work boots and boots from slipping off and twisting off. The boot and clothing dryer warm air is available in versions for 4 or 8 sets (see options).
With these features, the boot and clothes dryer convinces with warm air:
  • Professional hot-air dryer made of sendzimir galvanised, powder-coated fine steel sheet.
  • For 4 or 8 complete sets consisting of jackets, trousers, shoes and gloves (see options).
  • Ideal for drying heavy footwear (ski boots, work boots, working boots, combat boots, etc.).
  • Careful and efficient drying through the inflow of warm air (no hot air!).
  • Equipped with 8 or 16 hangers for hanging the shoes (depending on the model).
  • Separate 8 or 16 hangers for drying gloves (depending on model).
  • The warm air flows directly into the inside of each boot and glove.
  • With special aluminium drying arms and unique blow-out end caps.
  • Extremely stable, oval-shaped drying handles prevent the shoes, boots and gloves from slipping off.
  • With 4 or 8 special blow-out hangers for gentle and quick drying of clothes.
  • Clothes hangers are removable for comfortable hanging of jackets, overalls, trousers, etc..
  • With powerful, energy-efficient and maintenance-free warm air blower (385 m3 per hour).
  • High-quality stainless steel heating coil.
  • Multiple overtemperature protection for the protection of shoes and clothes.
  • Modern, multilingual colour display for exact programming of the drying cycle.
  • Timer is freely adjustable (e.g. countdown, daily program, weekly program).
  • Can be connected to an external house control.
  • Very robust, durable construction.
  • Prepared for wall mounting.
  • Available with ionisation unit for odour neutralisation (see accessories below).

  • Der zuverlässige Stiefel- und Kleidungstrockner Warmluft befreit Schuhe, Stiefel, Handschuhe, Jacken, Hosen und Overalls zuverlässig von Feuchtigkeit.
    Image: The boot and clothes dryer Warm air dries shoes, boots, gloves, jackets, trousers and overalls quickly, efficiently and carefully.
    Made of high-quality sendzimir galvanised and powder-coated sheet metal, the clothes and shoe dryer is equipped with 4 or 8 blow-out coat hangers, depending on the model, which guides the warm air directly into the clothes attached to it. The hangers can be removed for easy hanging of work clothes. It is also equipped with 8 or 16 shoe dryers, which blow the warm air directly into the shoes and boots. In addition, 8 or 16 drying arms for gloves are attached to the shoe and clothing dryer.

    Thanks to the most modern, multilingual colour display an accurate programming of the drying cycles is possible. Daily programs, weekly programs or a direct countdown timer can be set quickly and easily. For example, the dryer can be set so that it always starts its program at the end of the day but not at weekends. However, if it is needed for a short time, a countdown timer can be set without deleting the weekly program that has already been set. In addition, the control unit can easily be connected to a house control via an external input.
    The boot and clothes dryer can be supplied with a built-in ionisation unit on request, which neutralises odours and cleans the air (see accessories).
    The boot and cothes dryer is delivered on a pallet ready to be plugged in. It is delivered by truck to the curb. On-site installation is not included in the price. However, wall mounting is extremely simple, thanks to the supplied mounting instructions (template) for drilling the mounting holes including the necessary screws/plugs.

    Technical data

    Casing: powder coated galvanised steel
    Dimensions with bars:
    For 4 jackets: 60 x 74 x 183 cm (width x depth x height) For 8 jackets: 120 x 74 x 183 cm (width x depth x height)
    Electrical supply:
    Switzerland: 230 V, 16 A (Connector type T23)
    Europe: 230 V, 16 A (Connector type F CEE 7/4)
    Capacity (4 / 8 jackets):
    0,5 kW / 2,15 kW 
    2 years


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