• Shoe cleaning machine leather
Shoe cleaning machine leather
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Eye-catching design – with nappa-leather-coated front side
Elegant shoe cleaning machine at attractive prices
Ideal for smaller guesthouses, offices and restaurants
Automatically switches itself off after one minute thanks to capacitive sensor


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The leather shoe cleaning machine is a small, attractive power pack.  Particularly striking is the leather-coated, lockable compartment, which can be used to store shoe polish, for example. With its smaller brushes, this stable shoe cleaning machine is suited to less-frequented areas. Its ideal areas of application are restaurants, cafes and guesthouses. For continuous use, e.g. in a large hotel lobby, we recommend one of our BUSINESS shoe cleaning machines.

The leather shoe cleaning machine boasts the following properties:
  • Proximity sensor which starts the machine without contact
  • Shoe polish cream dispenser which distributes the polish evenly, gently and without scratching the shoes using a stainless steel ball
  • Two polishing brushes made from woollen yarn anchored in a natural wood core (preventing loose threads from flying around)
  • Horsehair brush to pre-clean and remove coarse dirt
  • Lockable shoe cleaning machine compartment with space for several bottles of polish and other accessories
  • Real nappa-leather-coated compartment door for a sophisticated appearance
  • Powder-coated steel casing for stability and robustness
  • Easy-to-remove rubber mat to collect falling dirt
  • Six red sole wipers to remove dirt and dust from shoe soles
  • Schuhputzauromat Leder mit Nappa-Leder bezogenem, abschliessbarem Schuhputzmaschinenschrank
    Image: Leather shoe cleaning machine with nappa-leather-coated, lockable compartment.

    This shoe cleaning machine is equipped with a sensor located on top of the casing. Moving a hand towards the sensor will cause the three brushes to start to rotate. In contrast to a sensitive ON/OFF switch, the 230-volt motor with 1,200 rotations per minute automatically switches itself off after 60 seconds.

    The sole wipers easily remove coarse dirt and dust from leather soles. The pre-cleaning brushes made from real horsehair gently remove visible dirt from upper leathers. This shoe cleaning machine does not use nylon brushes as they can damage leather by generating heat. The next station is the polish dispenser. Applying gentle pressure to the stainless steel ball valve will administer the correct amount of shoe polish onto the shoe. The ball ensures that our special polish cream is applied sparingly to the upper leathers of the shoe drop by drop. Using the woollen yarn brushes, the special leather polish can be distributed evenly and gently massaged into the shoe’s leather.

    The leather shoe cleaning machine is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized business of all kinds who wish to offer their customers a unique experience. With a leather-coated front, this shoe cleaning machine has a particularly high-quality appearance.

    Technical data

    Case: steel, powder-coated
    Colors of the case: black
    Door design: dark leather
    Dimensions: 46 cm x 30 cm x 79 cm (Length x Depth x Height)
    Polish dispenser: 1 polish dispenser (0,75 liter with stainless
    steel ball valve)
    Brushes: 1 horsehair pre-cleaning brush, 2 wool yarn polishing brushes (Ø 13 cm x 7 cm)
    Weight: 21 kg net, 23 kg gross
    Contact switch: Sensor with timer
    Electrical supply: 230 Volts (optionally 110 Volts)
    Motor Power: 130 Watts, 1200 rpm
    Warranty: 3 years



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