• Horse-rug-dryer with timer
  • Horse-rug-dryer with timer
  • Horse-rug-dryer with timer
  • Horse-rug-dryer with timer
Horse-rug-dryer with timer
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Robust horse rug dryer for the stable.
For the use in horse breeding, riding stables, horse farms, farms.
Stainless steel housing.
Dries up to 5 horse blankets at the same time.
Extremely compact and mobile.
Two functional modes: manual or winding clock.
Numbered places with 4 heating loops each.
Dries even completely soaked horse blankets in approx. 4 hours.
Robust and low-maintenance.


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Horse rugs dried in no time for healthy horses 
The horse rug dryer with timer has been designed for the intensive use in all kinds of stables. The horse blanket dryer is ideal for the use in the horse breeding, on horse farms, farms, riding stables and other professional enterprises of the riding sport. By using the dryer, you will never again have to put unpleasant, cold blankets back on your horses. The blankets can also be easily dried in the stable in winter with the blanket dryer. Therefore, the often unpleasant smelling blankets do not have to be taken home for drying. The most important advantages of using the horse rug dryer are:
  • Reduces the risk of skin diseases as dry blankets do not release moisture.
  • The indoor conditions are significantly improved (especially in closed stables).
  • The material is protected against moisture and requires less washing thanks to the reduction of odours. This considerably increases the service life of the horse blankets

  • Kompakter und fahrbarer Pferdedeckentrockner für bis zu 5 Decken

    Image: Horse rug dryer with timer for up to 5 rugs

    The horse blanket dryer with timer impresses with these features in all professional equestrian sports companies:

  • Professional stainless steel horse rug dryer.
  • For simultaneous drying of up to 5 horse blankets.
  • The numbered places are each equipped with 4 heating bars.
  • Also dries other equipment (e.g. saddles, galoshes, saddle pads) without problems.
  • Even completely soaked horse blankets are fully dried within a few hours.
  • Protective drying of the material due to heating stainless steel bars.
  • Ensures a pleasant room condition in closed rooms.
  • Direct, manual use also possible.
  • Very easy handling of the horse rug dryer.
  • Extremely economical and efficient heating element.
  • Trouble-free use during the winter.
  • No maintenance work necessary.
  • Very low operating costs of the horse blanket dryer.
  • Extremely mobile thanks to compact dimensions and 4 mobile wheels.
  • Completely made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Light and very robust construction.
  • Very long-lasting service life.
  • Delivered ready for connection, no installation necessary.
  • This model carfully dries up to five horse rugs at the same time in just a few hours. Each of the numbered places is equipped with a total of four heating loops. With a consumption of 1000 watts this horse dryer is very energy efficient. Furthermore, no maintenance work is required, which ensures low operating costs. Of course, manual operation is also possible. Thanks to its construction of supporting bars and warming heating coils, other items of riding equipment, such as galoshes or saddles, can of course also be dried quickly and easily.
    This horse rug dryer, measuring 1.5 metres in height by 1.8 metres in length, is extremely easy to use – it has no control device, so simply turn it on and hang the wet rugs over it! Thanks to its rollers, it can also be easily stored elsewhere after use if necessary. After a couple of hours, you can remove the horse rugs, now dry and warm, from the device and use them again straightaway. For efficient and effective operation, the horse rug dryer should be placed in a heated room.

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    Technical data

    Casing: Stainless steel AISI 304
    Dimensions: 1970 mm x 780 mm x 1700 mm (Length x Depth x Height)
    Timer: Winding clock
    Electrical supply: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
    Capacity: 1.1 kW at 230 V
    Weight: 125 kg
    Warranty: 2 years