• Boot washer with hand brushes
  • Boot washer with hand brushes
  • Boot washer with hand brushes
  • Boot washer with hand brushes
  • Boot washer with hand brushes
Boot washer with hand brushes
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Professional boot washing system with washing places for 2 to 6 persons
For intensive use in agriculture, butcheries or police stations
Also suitable for work shoes, sports and football shoes
With piping and 2 to 6 hand wash brushes
Tray made of brushed 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet 1.4301
Shoe support with removable, galvanized grating
With generous collecting trough for collecting and draining the dirty water
Optionally with stainless steel grate (instead of galvanized)
For an extra charge with mud trap and odour trap
Available with side and back splash walls on request


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The Boot washer with hand brushes is a professional shoe and boot washing system for intensive use in agriculture, butcheries or fire brigade and police stations. The washing trough made of 2 mm thick stainless steel sheet and the galvanized grid are extremely robust and designed for hard, daily use. A version with stainless steel grating is available for use in hygienic areas (see options). Depending on the version, the scope of delivery includes 2-6 water-bearing hand washing brushes.

The boot washing system with hand washing brushes has the advantage over the Boot washer multi-grate that only one water connection for all hand brushes is required on site. Thanks to integrated piping, this boot washer is also ideal for cleaning sports shoes in front of gyms or changing rooms on sports fields. In addition to the simpler installation, the piping serves as a support rod for the users of the boot washing system and provides stability.

Boot washing station with stainless steel handheld washing brushes and galvanised grating

  • Wash stations for 2 to 6 people depending on design
  • Water-fed support bar and 2 to 6 handheld brushes (depending on option selected)
  • Made from 2 mm stainless steel sheet 1.4301
  • Removable, galvanised grating (or as an option with stainless steel grating)
  • 4 height-adjustable feet
  • Outflow of NW 50
  • Available with optional sludge collecting tub and odour trap
  • No power necessary

  • Stiefelwaschplatz mit integrierter Verrohrung und Handbürsten
    Image: Boot wash station with handheld washing brushes for 2 to 6 People

    To clean the dirty boots, work shoes and sports shoes, the foot is positioned on the grid of the washing trough. Water is then fed to the hand washing brush with the locking lever on the support rod. The hard bristles of the water-bearing brush quickly and thoroughly rub the dirt off the soles, upper leather and boot shafts. Of course, other equipment can also be thoroughly cleaned with the hand brush.

    The waste water is collected in the generously designed channel and fed to the drain. The distribution of dirty water and dirt is thus significantly reduced. The optional splash barriers further reduce the distribution of moisture and dirt (see options). To prevent clogging of sewers and unpleasant odours, the boot and shoe washing system can be equipped with a sludge trap and odour trap (see options).

    The use of high-quality stainless steel ensures a very high degree of robustness and guarantees a long service life of the boot washing system. The grating can be easily removed for easy cleaning. In addition, the height of the system can be adapted to individual conditions with the 4 adjustable stainless steel screw feet.


    Image: Manual for boot washer with hand brushes.

    As an option the boot washer can be equipped with two side splashboards and one rear splashboard. This prevents the area around the wash station, as well as sensitive equipment and people in the area, from becoming wet and dirty as a result of spray (see option Splash protection wall).

    Boot washer with hand brush and with side and rear splash guards
    Image: Boot washer with splash protection walls.

    At an extra cost, the handheld plastic washing brush provided can be substituted for a high-quality stainless steel handheld washing brush with nylon bristles, hand stop valve and reinforced hose made from meshed wire (see option Handheld washing brush).

    Optional Stainless steel handheld washing brush

    Image: Optional stainless steel handheld washing brush

    Upon request, this boot washer can also be equipped with a sludge collecting tub and odour trap which preserves drainpipes and prevents bad-smelling odours (see option Additional option).

    Image: Optional sludge collecting tub

    The water connection must comply with the regulations of the responsible waterworks. The European standard DIN EN 1717 is the guideline here, supplemented by national standards. The drinking water installation must be carried out exclusively by an authorised specialist company. When connecting to the drinking water system, an approved system separator / pipe separator must be considered (not included in the delivery).

    Technical data

    Casing: Stainless steel
    Grate: Steel, galvanised
    Dimensions: (Version: for 2 cleaning stations)
    1000 mm x 550 cm x 1150 mm (width x depth x height)
    Dimensions: (Version: for 4 cleaning stations)
    2000 mm x 550 mm x 1150 mm (width x depth x height)
    Dimensions: (Version: for 6 cleaning stations)
    3000 mm x 550 mm x 1150 mm (width x depth x height)
    Water inflow: 3/4"
    Water outflow: NW 50 Electrical supply: not necessary
    Weight (2/4/6 cleaning stations): 30 / 55 / 85 kg
    Warranty: 2 years


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