• Drying cabinet 40 work jackets 24 pair of gloves
  • Drying cabinet 40 work jackets 24 pair of gloves
  • Drying cabinet 40 work jackets 24 pair of gloves
Drying cabinet 40 work jackets 24 pair of gloves
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Large drying cabinet for 40 work jackets and/or work trousers.
24 pairs of glove holders on the inside of the door.
Switchable between efficient warm air drying or ecological room air drying.
With 6-hour direct timer and 7-day / 24-hour timer.
Secure storage of equipment with padlock twist lock.
Easy installation makes it ideal for containers and social rooms.
Robust construction made of high-quality sheet steel.


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This powerful large group cabinet offers space for up to 40 work jackets or work trousers as well as 24 pairs of gloves. The optimised air circulation, the removal of moist air and the possibility of connecting the drying cabinet to an existing ventilation system ensure a pleasant room climate in changing rooms and social rooms.
The drying cabinet 40 work jackets 24 pairs of gloves is equipped with 2 clothes rails. Up to 40 work trousers and/or work jackets with clothes hangers can be hung from it. The doors also have attachments for 24 pairs of work gloves. The clothes drying cabinet therefore offers space for a very large number of items of equipment and yet remains very compact for its impressive storage space. Thanks to high-quality stainless steel sheeting, it is very robust and long-lasting. In addition, padlocks can simply be attached to the rotary controls to protect the work equipment.
Image: Group drying cabinet for 40 work jackets or work trousers and 24 pairs of gloves
The drying cabinet is equipped with 8 circulating air fans and 4 heating elements (800 watts each) for efficient and careful drying of working clothes. The heating on/off switch can be used to switch between efficient warm air drying and ecological and economical circulating air drying. The drying time varies depending on the type of drying and the materials of the work clothing to be dried. This clothes drying cabinet is equipped with a 6-hour direct timer as well as a programmable weekly timer for maximum versatility and convenience. With the direct time switch it is possible to dry wet work clothes for a short time directly after use. The 7-day / 24-hour timer allows flexible adaptation to the workflow. For example, the drying cabinet can be programmed in such a way that the working clothes are dried after the end of the working day with the favourable night current and that unnecessary costs are avoided at the weekends. The drying cabinet is delivered assembled and ready to plug in on a pallet. The delivery is made by lorry to the kerbside.
To ensure the best possible hygiene and well-being for employees, the clothes drying cabinet can be equipped with a germ-reducing ozone lamp (see accessories below).
If you are interested in a model with integrated shoe dryers, the drying cabinet work clothes 4 or the drying cabinet fire station 8 is suitable.
As smaller alternatives without integrated shoe drying we can recommend the drying cabinet 4 complete equipment work clothing or the drying cabinet 20 work jackets work trousers.

Technical data

Casing: Steel
Colors of the case: grey aluminium, door: White aluminum, roof: Green
2000 mm x 800 mm x 2100 mm (width x depth x height)
Coat Hanger:
2 clothes rails per cabinet side for 40 working jackets, and with additional place for 24 pairs of gloves
Coat hooks:
4 clothes rails and 48 glove holders
individually adjustable, within 7 days
Electrical supply: 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 16 A
Capacity: 3.5 kW
Weight: 270 kg
Warranty: 2 years


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