• Hygiene station dual lane controlled entry-exit
Hygiene station dual lane controlled entry-exit
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For access to sensitive production areas with medium to high staffing levels
Controlled disinfection of hands and soles through forced guidance
Separate lanes for access between hygiene area and social wing
With vandal-proof, electric stainless steel turnstile
Disinfection basin with draining zone in the entrance lane
Brush roller module and shaft cleaning module in the starting track
Exit via intermediate platform for clog and shoe wearers
With integrated side splash guards
Made of high-quality, finely ground stainless steel


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The hygiene station dual lane controlled entry-exit is designed for high personnel turnover during shift changes in medium to large food production facilities, slaughterhouses and cutting plants as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. The hygiene station ensures time-efficient, bypass-proof and hygienically perfect disinfection of the hands and soles of the employees when entering the hygiene area by means of impenetrable forced guidance.

The sensitive production areas are left via a brush roller module, which thoroughly cleans the soles and thus prevents dirt from being carried off to other areas of the company. After the continuous sole cleaner, a shaft cleaning module is installed for thorough cleaning of the boot shafts. Shoe and clog wearers can leave the hygiene station via an intermediate platform, which is why this system is particularly suitable for companies in which the employees are equipped with different footwear.

Zweispur-Hygieneanlage kontrollierter Eingang-Ausgang

Image: Dual-lane hygiene station for the controlled, bypass-safe inlet and outlet of the hygiene area.
These characteristics make the hygiene station dual lane controlled entry-exit the optimum input and output control for production companies in the hygiene sector:

  • Separate and secured paths for the entrance and exit of the hygiene area.
  • Bypass-proof hand and sole disinfection.
  • Sensor-controlled 2-hand disinfection machine in the entrance lane.
  • Vandal-proof, electric stainless steel turnstile system in the entrance lane.
  • Automatic release of the turnstile after successful hand disinfection.
  • With light signal display (red/green).
  • Disinfection basin with non-slip stainless steel grating.
  • Draining zone for minimising moisture carry-over.
  • Robust, one-sided walk-in swing door to secure the exit track.
  • Sole cleaning module with 800 mm long roller brushes.
  • Shaft cleaning module with 3 vertical roller brushes.
  • With high-quality nylon brushes.
  • Exit via intermediate platform for shoe and clog carriers.
  • Sensor-controlled release of the two brush roller modules.
  • Automatic dosing of the cleaning agent for the roller modules.
  • With integrated splash guards.
  • Double-sided railings for a secure hold.
  • Robust and hygienic design.
  • With height-adjustable stainless steel screw feet.
  • All modules are equipped with emergency stop switches.
  • Made of high-quality, finely ground stainless steel.
  • In order to enter the hygiene area, the employees first enter a disinfection basin, which is equipped with a non-slip stainless steel grating. While the employees are standing in the disinfectant liquid, they hold their hands in the openings of the hand disinfector. Sensors detect the continuous presence of the hands and initiate disinfection via spray nozzles. The vandal-proof, electrically controlled stainless steel turnstile is only released after hand disinfection has taken place. The activation of the turnstile is indicated by a light signal (red/green). After the turnstile there is a dripping zone which catches most of the liquid dripping from the shoes and minimises the carry-over of moisture into the production areas.
    When leaving the production areas, the employees pass through a robust swing door, which is only accessible from one side and is marked with a clear direction indicator. Then they are guided to a continuous sole cleaner. The nylon bristles of the two roller brushes stick out through the stainless steel grid on which the employees move. The rotation of the brushes thoroughly removes impurities from the soles of boots and shoes. An automatic detergent dosage system transfers the individually adjusted water-cleaner mixture to the shoe and boot soles. Boot wearers then enter a shaft cleaning module. The three brushes in turn rub all the dirt off the employees' boot shafts. People wearing work shoes and clogs leave the system via the intermediate platform located between the continuous sole cleaner and the shaft cleaning module.
    All entrances and exits are equipped with anti-slip and removable steps for comfortable and safe access to the hygiene station. In addition, all cleaning modules are fitted with robust stainless steel handrails for a stable hold. To prevent splashing water, the roller brush module is additionally equipped with integrated splash guards. The cleaning system and the individual steps have high-quality, height-adjustable stainless steel screw feet. All modules are equipped with an emergency stop switch, which automatically stops the individual cleaning units and, where possible, immediately releases access in both directions. The hygiene station is completely made of high-quality stainless steel with finely ground surfaces and is characterised by minimal maintenance and cleaning.
    The various cleaning modules can be ordered individually on request.

    The hygienic station can be separated into individual parts so that there are no problems during installation and transport. Siphon, backflow preventer, sealing and small parts as well as the installation on site are not included in the price. The very simple installation according to our instructions is carried out e.g. by a local plumbing company. The delivery is made on a pallet by lorry to the kerbside.

    Technical data

    Construction: stainless steel 1.4301
    2618 / 3418 mm x 2180 mm x 1621 mm (length x width x height)
    Length of device: 2618 mm
    Brush length: 800 mm
    Length of steps head side: 2 x 400 = 800 mm
    Length of steps by-pass: 400 mmá
    Water inflow: 2 x 3/4"
    Water outflow: 3 x DN 50
    Contact switch: Sensor in holding bar
    Electrical supply: 3x400V/N/PE; 50 Hz
    Capacity: 1,25 kW
    Protection class: IP 65
    Weight: 430 kg
    Warranty: 1 year