• Pass-through disinfection tub with draining zone
  • Pass-through disinfection tub with draining zone
  • Pass-through disinfection tub with draining zone
Pass-through disinfection tub with draining zone
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For simple, thorough and efficient sole disinfection
Robust, durable and hygienic design
Suitable for boots, clogs and work shoes
With slip-resistant, removable stainless steel grating
Integrated draining zone prevents the water from dragging away
Made of high-quality stainless steel with finely ground surfaces
Available as stand version or as floor mounted version (see options)


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The pass-through disinfection tub with draining zone offers a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution for the quick and thorough disinfection of shoe and boot soles. This disinfection tub finds its ideal application in smaller companies in the food, meat and pharmaceutical industries that are dependent on compliance with the highest hygiene standards. In addition, our disinfection basins are also suitable in larger production plants for installation in front of side entrances and between different areas within the secured hygiene area.

The pass-through disinfection tub is equipped with a draining zone to minimise moisture carry-over. The disinfection basin is available in a standing version with robust stainless steel feet and a version for floor installation (see options). The basin can therefore be used as part of a complex hygiene concept with various hygiene locks or as a single element in front of certain entrances.

Durchlauf-Desinfektionsbecken als Podestausführung oder Einbauversion

Image: Disinfection basin with drip tray as platform version.

Our disinfection trays represent a simple but extremely efficient way of disinfecting the soles of your employees' boots and shoes. The basin is filled with the desired disinfectant solution just above the grating. As you pass through the disinfection tub, the entire sole automatically comes into contact with the cleaning solution, ensuring perfectly disinfected shoe and boot soles. On the one hand, the higher drainage nozzle prevents the pool from overflowing and, on the other hand, by removing it, the pool can be completely emptied in a few moments.

The integrated draining zone prevents the disinfectant from being carried to other areas of the plant. When entering the draining area, the remaining moisture is simply caught, collected and automatically drained.

The disinfection tub is characterised by its robustness and durability due to the use of high-quality, finely ground stainless steel. For the safety of the employees, the disinfection basin is equipped with slip-resistant, removable stainless steel gratings.

The continuous disinfection basin with draining area is designed for fixed installation. If you are interested in a functionally similar, mobile solution, we can offer you our proven disinfection mats.

Technical data

Construction: stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions: (Execution: standing version) 1200 x 800 x 175 mm (width x depth x height) Dimensions: (Execution: floor mounting) 1200 x 800 x 100 mm (width x depth x height)
Water outflow: DN 50
Weight: 54 kg
Guarantee: 2 years