• Ski Stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pairs
  • Ski Stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pairs
  • Ski Stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pairs
  • Ski Stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pairs
Ski Stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pairs
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High-quality ski stand made of stainless steel.
Depending on model with space for 9 to 16 pairs of skis and ski poles (see options).
Suitable for alpine and cross-country skiing.
Ideal for hotels, mountain stations, holiday homes, etc.
Designed for wall mounting.
Made of high-quality, robust stainless steel.
Flexible combination possibilities with other ski and snowboard mounts.


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To prevent disorder, chaos, long waiting times and dissatisfied guests in your own ski room, our ski holders are the optimal solution. A large number of skis and ski poles can be stored in a small space with the ski stand wall 9 - 16 pairs. 9 to 16 pairs (see options) Alpine skis and cross-country skis including poles can be stored in the same ski stand.

Thanks to the use of the best stainless steel, this ski holder can be easily installed in highly frequented ski and boot rooms. The stainless steel construction is extremely robust and resists daily use by a large number of people. Whether for larger or smaller hotels, mountain stations, holiday homes or private households, this ski stand offers an ideal solution for the safe, organised and space-saving storage of ski and cross-country equipment.
Thanks to these features, the ski stand wall 9 - 16 pairs is ideal for any ski room:
  • Robust ski holder made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Holds between 9 and 16 pairs of skis and poles (see options).
  • Suitable for cross-country and alpine skis.
  • Safe storage of cross-country and ski equipment.
  • Easy insertion and removal of skis and ski poles.
  • Thanks to wall mounting, the ski stand requires very little space.
  • Ideal for small ski rooms with limited space.
  • Keeps large ski rooms tidy and increases guest satisfaction.
  • Elegant and extremely functional design made of stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel makes the construction very robust and durable.
  • Delivered prepared for wall mounting.
  • Simple and flexible combination possibilities with our snowboard holders, ski boot dryers and drying cabinets.
  • Skiständer Wand 9 - 16 Paar für die Platzsparende und sichere Lagerung von 9 bis 16 Paar Ski und Stöcke
    Image: Ski stand wall 9 - 16 pairs for space-saving and safe storage of 9 to 16 pairs of skis and poles.
    The ski stand wall-mounted 9 - 16 pair impresses above all with its ingenious functionality and simple operation. After a nice day on the slopes, the ski poles can simply be hung in the angled slots provided for this purpose. The handles ensure that the poles are stable and securely fixed. Afterwards the skis can be placed lying together in the ski stand. The skis lie in front of the ski poles and thus prevent them from slipping out. A robust stainless steel tube on the underside of the ski holder ensures the stable standing of the alpine and cross-country skis. Water dripping from the skis is collected underneath the stand, which minimises the large distribution of moisture in the ski and boot compartment.

    Sichere Stockaufhängung am Skiständer

    Image: Safe pole fixing on ski stand Wall 9 - 16 pairs
    In addition, the ski stand is characterised by a material-friendly storage method. The contact of the ski equipment with the stainless steel construction is limited to an absolute minimum, which protects the skis, ski poles and the ski stand.
    The space-saving storage for up to 16 pairs of skis, the extremely robust construction and the very easy operation make this ski holder ideal for ski rooms in larger and smaller hotels, holiday homes, chalets, mountain and valley stations. Thanks to the simple combination possibilities with our ski cabinets, boot dryers, drying cabinets and other ski and snowboard stands, ski rooms of any size can be ideally equipped.
      The ski stand is intended for fixed wall mounting. It is delivered prepared for this purpose and only needs to be professionally screwed to a stable wall.

    Technical data

    Casing: Stainless steel
    Dimensions: (Version: for 9 pairs)
    1150 mm x 240 mm x variably (width x depth x height)
    Dimensions: (Version: for 12 pairs)
    1500 mm x 240 mm x variably (width x depth x height)
    Dimensions: (Version: for 16 pairs)
    2000 mm x 240 mm x variably (width x depth x height)
    Electrical supply: No power required
    Weight: kg
    Warranty: 2 years