• Drying cabinet ECO Sport
  • Drying cabinet ECO Sport
  • Drying cabinet ECO Sport
Drying cabinet ECO Sport
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Efficient and careful drying of clothes.
Up to 8 kg laundry can be dried at the same time.
Ideal for heavy winter clothing (e.g. ski jackets, ski pants, winter jackets, winter boots, etc.).
With state-of-the-art heat pump technology.
No hot air blower - minimum noise emission.
With various fully automatic drying programs.
Robust and long-lasting construction made of high-quality galvanized steel.
Extremely space-saving and compact.
Delivery ready to plug in (230V).


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The drying cabinet ECO Sport is first and foremost impressive due to the use of the latest heat pump technology, which enables extremely energy-efficient, material-friendly and quiet drying of heavy winter clothing. The fact that no warm air fan is used means that even more sensitive items of clothing can be dried in this drying cabinet without any problems. Energy savings up to 65% are possible with this cabinet in direct comparison to classic warm air dryers. Another clear advantage of heat pump drying is the low-noise operation. During the drying process this drying cabinet is about as noisy as a modern refrigerator.
A normal laundry load corresponds to around 4 kg of laundry, which in this cabinet version corresponds to around 11 metres of laundry line. However, the drying cabinet can easily be loaded with up to 8 kg of wet clothes. This version of our ECO drying cabinets is ideal for the use in holiday flats, chalets or private households, as the interior is specially designed for heavy, longer sports and winter clothing.

Trockenschrank ECO Sport mit Wärmepumpe

Image: Drying cabinet ECO Sport with state-of-the-art heat pump technology.

Thanks to the following features, the drying cabinet ECO Sport is the ideal drying system for private households:

  • Careful and fast drying of sportswear, winter clothing, ski dresses, ski boots, etc.
  • Can be loaded with up to 8 kg of wet clothing.
  • Very space-saving and compact.
  • Uses modern and efficient heat pump technology.
  • Wet clothes are dried very quickly (1.5 - 3 hours, depending on quantity and humidity).
  • As soon as the laundry is dry, the cabinet stops automatically.
  • Extremely energy efficient (1.3 kWh with normal load (4 kg). 0.28 kWh/kg with maximum load (8 kg))
  • Noise generation corresponds to that of a modern refrigerator.
  • 6 coat hooks fixed to the ceiling.
  • With 2 folding fork slides with 10 holding rails each.
  • With 14 glove attachments attached to the door.
  • Ski helmets, ski boots, winter shoes, ice skates, etc. can be dried on the floor plate.
  • Completely made of corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel.
  • Choice between two fully automatic programs: Cabinet dryness and ironing humidity.
  • Automatic heat regulation thanks to thermostat.
  • Easy to empty container for condensation water with level sensor.
  • Can be connected to the waste water system.
  • With double thermal protection.
  • Delivered ready to plug in for standard socket outlet.
  • For drying heavy clothing such as ski jackets, ski pants, work jackets, etc., this cabinet version is extra equipped with 6 clothes hooks and 2 folding fork rails. Heavy and long garments can be hung on the robust clothes hooks after use. At the same time, smaller items of laundry such as scarves, pullovers, T-shirts, etc. can be attached to the two fold-out fork poles. When long items of clothing are hung, the lower poles can simply be folded up to make room. Gloves, caps, socks and the similar items can be hung on the glove tops attached to the door. Other objects such as shoes, helmets, work boots, ski boots, snowboard boots can be dried on the base plate. We recommend this version especially for chalets, holiday homes, hotels, kindergartens, schools, etc.

    Using the drying cabinet is very easy. The easy-to-use display makes it easy to choose between the two standard programs cabinet dry and ironing dry. The standard settings of the drying programs can be adapted to your individual requirements. A built-in thermostat also prevents the inside temperature from exceeding 55°C. The drying programs can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements. The drying cabinet automatically detects when the desired degree of drying has been reached and then switches off automatically. Complete drying usually takes between 1.5 and 3 hours. The drying time varies with the quantity and humidity of the laundry to be dried.

    The heat pump distributes the regular dry air jet inside the drying cabinet via openings in the back wall. The moisture extracted from the clothes is collected in a container. Thanks to a floating device, the cabinet automatically signals when the easily removable container needs to be emptied. It is also possible to connect the drying cabinet directly to the waste water system.
    The drying cabinet is completely made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel. It is therefore characterised by a high degree of robustness and a very long service life. The door hinges can be mounted on the left or right side of this clothes drying cabinet (see options). The drying cabinet is delivered assembled and ready to plug in on a pallet. The delivery is made by lorry to the kerbside.

    Technical data

    Casing: Galvanized steel
    Colors of the case:
    595 mm x 675 mm x 1930 mm (width x depth x height)
    Coat hooks:
    6 pieces at the ceiling
    Timer: individually adjustable
    Electrical supply: 230 Volt, 10 A 
    Weight: 95 kg
    Warranty: 2 years