• Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
  • Shoe shine machine Ellipse
Shoe shine machine Ellipse
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free 1 litre special leather polish!
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Striking, harmonic design for exclusive locations
Heavy, stable design for hotel lobbies, restaurants or shopping centres
Oversize brushes for the easy cleaning of shoes
Support bar to ensure safety during use
Activated via contactless sensor (including timer)


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A shoe cleaning machine in classic column design. Featuring a brushed stainless steel casing, the Ellipse shoe cleaning machine will stand out in all modern ambiences. Whether installed flat against the wall, in a corner or in the middle of a room, it offers users a convenient way of cleaning their shoes. The Ellipse model can equipped with 3 large brushes without polish dispenser or with 2 large brushes and a polish dispenser. Standing at 1.27 metres high, Ellipse’s classic column design is especially suited to spacious corridors, vast entrance areas and tasteful lobbies.

Shoe shine machine with oversized brushes ensure for the easy cleaning of the shoes
Image: Ellipse shoe cleaning machine with oversize brushes for the easy cleaning of shoes.

The Ellipse shoe cleaning machine features the following characteristics:
  • Classic column design in high-quality brushed stainless steel
  • Curved hand bar to ensure safety during use
  • Capacitive sensor with automatic timer which reacts to light contact
  • A removable sole cleaning mat with 6 red sole wipers to clean the sole profile
  • A pre-cleaning brush made from real horsehair for the gentle removal of dust and coarse dirt
  • One or two polishing brushes made from woollen yarn mounted in a stable wood body (preventing loose threads from flying around)
  • As an option: A 0.75-litre polish dispenser with stainless steel ball valve to optimally distribute the special leather shoe polish
  • Simple and convenient shoe cleaning with the Ellipse shoe cleaning machine
    To start with, coarse dirt is removed from the leather shoes’ soles using the sole wipers in the floor mat. The 230-volt motor is started by lightly touching the capacitive sensor under the support bar. With 700 rpm, it helps brushes to optimally clean the shoe leather. The pre-cleaning brush, with horsehair bristles set in a wooden core, removes visible dirt and dust from the upper leather. The woollen yarn polishing brushes gently restore the shine to shoes.

    Ellipse is available with or without a polish dispenser. Especially in unsupervised areas, such as in shopping centres, the option without polish is advisable, as the shoe cleaning machine then does not need to be maintained nor the shoe polish cream refilled.

    With the version with polish dispenser, users can easily benefit from our special leather shoe polish specially designed for our shoe cleaning machines. Thanks to its stainless steel ball valve, the 0.75-litre dispenser ensures that the optimal amount of shoe polish cream is dispensed onto high-quality men’s shoes. The woollen yarn brush then evenly massages the polish into the shoe’s leather, optimally cleaning the shoe.

    Ellipse shoe cleaning machine as an advertising surface!
    The importance of advertising is undisputed and the ways to present an advertising message to clients very diverse. We have now found a further interesting way to quickly and effectively mediate advertising messages to the client. We have inserted an illuminated advertising space into the Ellipse shoe cleaning machine, in which the product can be placed (shop window insert) or, for example, a picture of the product (plexiglass window) can be displayed. You can also print your logo onto the casing (logo) or even laser it into the casing (illuminated logo).

    An elegant shoe shine machine is located in well-frequented places, for example in office entrances, hotels or shopping centres, where guests and clients like using this free service. During the shoe cleaning process, your advertising message is displayed automatically.

    Our advertising options:
  • Display insert: present your product in an illuminated display window
  • Plexiglass window: present your menu, for example, in an illuminated window
  • Illuminated logo: your logo is lasered onto the casing and illuminated from behind
  • Logo: your logo is affixed to the casing using screen printing film or transparency print
  • We would be happy to provide a tailored offer. Contact us!

    Technical data

    Casing: Brushed stainless steel
    Dimensions: 44 cm x 127 cm (diameter x height)
    Polish dispenser: 1 polish dispenser (0.75 litre with large stainless steel ball valve)
    Brushes: (Model: 2 brushes and polish dispenser)
    1 pre-cleaning brush made of horse hair, 1 polishing brush made from woollen yarn (Ø 22 cm x 8 cm)
    Brushes: (Model: 3 brushes without polish dispenser)
    1 pre-cleaning brush made of horse hair, 2 polishing brushes made from woollen yarn (Ø 22 cm x 8 cm)
    Contact switch: Sensor with timer
    Electrical supply: 230 volts (110 volts as option)
    Motor Power: 150 watts, 700 rpm
    Weight: 47 kg net, 50 kg gross
    Warranty: 3 years

    How we ensure the high quality of our designer Ellipse shoe cleaning machine: 



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