• Drying cabinet warm air
  • Drying cabinet warm air
  • Drying cabinet warm air
  • Drying cabinet warm air
  • Drying cabinet warm air
Drying cabinet warm air
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Professional drying cabinet for heavy work and mission clothing.
Room for 18 work jackets and work trousers.
Ideal for fire service, police, forestry, construction industry, industrial plants, etc.
Fast and careful drying of heavy work clothes.
Optionally available with shoe drying extensions for 8 pairs.
With turntable for accelerated drying.
Lockable with cylinder lock.
With 24-hour programmable timer and 6 hour direct timer.
Maintenance-free hot air blower with low power consumption.
Ready to plug in with 230 V connection.


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The Drying cabinet warm air has been specially developed for work clothes that are difficult to dry. It is ideal for use by fire services, the police, the construction industry, forestry or industrial production companies. It is a two-door clothes drying cabinet that can be locked with a cylinder lock.

The 18 hooks turntable mounted on the inside of the top shelf makes it easier for you to hang and remove the clothes from the 78 cm deep drying cabinet and accelerates the drying process. By blowing warm air into the inside of the cabinet from ever side of the wardrobe, a careful drying of all kinds of clothing is guaranteed. The moisture removed from the work clothing is condensed and discharged. It can be easily disposed in a container. The fan installed in our clothes drying cabinets is completely maintenance-free and extremely energy-efficient.

Drying cabinet warm ari with maintenance-free hot air blower

Image: Drying cabinet warm air with maintenance-free warm air blower.

The following features make the drying cabinet clothes warm air the optimal drying system for heavy work and application clothing:

  • Professional drying cabinet for efficient and careful drying of work clothes.
  • Suitable for all types of work, mission, sports and leisure clothing.
  • Simple and uncomplicated handling.
  • With 18 hooks for easy hanging of work clothes.
  • Turntable allows the clothes to rotate and thus accelerates the drying process.
  • Powerful, energy-efficient and maintenance-free hot air blower.
  • With 6-hour watch.
  • With 24-hour timer for individual programming of the drying time.
  • On-Off switch with LED.
  • Easy to empty collecting vessel which absorbs the condensed moisture.
  • Double door can be securely locked with a cylinder lock.
  • Made of high-quality, powder-coated sheet steel.
  • Extremely durable and robust construction.
  • Available with integrated shoe extensions (for 8 pairs) (see options).
  • Available with ionisation units for odour neutralisation on request (see accessories below).
  • Supplied ready to plug in (230V) and is immediately ready for use.
  • The drying cabinet has two different time switches. The 24h timer enables automatic drying at a selected time. For example, it can be configured that the work clothes are always dried at night with the favorable night power tariff. In order not to have to cancel the programming in case of short-term necessity, the direct timer offers the possibility to adjust the drying time to a desired period of up to 6 hours. Thanks to an on/off switch with LED, the drying cabinet can be switched off completely at any time. The drying cabinet is delivered assembled and ready to plug in on a pallet. The delivery is made by lorry to the kerbside.

    On request (see options) the warm air drying cabinet can be equipped with 16 shoe tops (for 8 pairs). This makes it easy to attach wet work shoes and boots, which then can be dried at the same time as the work clothes. Gloves and breathing masks can also be easily attached and dried with these extensions.
    The Drying cabinet warm air can be supplied with a permanently installed Ionizing device (see accessories below). With this device the air can be cleared from unpleasant odours. Furthermore, germs, spores and bacteria are neutralized.
    Alternatively, with the Drying cabinet for clothing and shoes, we offer the possibility of drying up to 20 pairs of shoes with shoe dryers attached to the side of the drying cabinet parallel to the clothes. This has the advantage that the heated air is blown directly into the shoes and boots, as it is with our Boot-dryer-warm-air.

    Technical data

    Casing: sheet steel, powder coated
    Colors of the case: light grey
    Dimensions: 750 mm x 780 mm x 1950 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
    Coat hook: 18 pieces
    Timer 1: 24 h for programming
    Timer 2: 6 h for direct switching
    Electrical supply: 230 Volt
    Capacity: 1,2 kW
    Weight: 130 kg
    Warranty: 2 years


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