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Info about hygiene stations

ECO Hygiene stations  high quality hygiene technology for smaller workplaces

zu den ECO Hygieneschleusen

 Information about the ECO-Hygiene stations

 For use of up to 40 people per shift
 Simple and sturdy structure
 Recommended for smaller workplaces

The ECO hygiene stations differ from the Profi hygiene stations as their design is somewhat simpler. The ECO products/hygiene stations are especially suitable for workplaces or departments with up to 40 people working at a time.

Unlike the Profi-hygiene stations, the ECO-hygiene stations do not use a special attenuation in the turnstile. Furthermore, there are no spray protection walls around the sole cleaning part, nor an ‚empty canister‘ message, which both feature in the Profi-hygiene stations.

No changes or special adaptations can be carried out on the ECO-models due to their structure. The ECO- hygiene stations are an excellent value and worthwhile alternative, especially for smaller workplaces.


Profi-hygiene stations
for the highest quality hygiene technology, suitable for medium and large workplaces

zu den PROFI Hygieneschleusen

 Information about the Profi- hygiene stations

 For use of more than 40 people per shift
 Luxurious and overall robust design
 Recommended for medium and large workplaces

The Profi- hygiene stations differ from the ECO models through their more luxurious design. The Profi- hygiene stations are especially suited for workplaces or departments with more than 40 people working at a time.

The Profi-hygiene stations are equipped with a special attenuation in the turnstile. Furthermore there are spray protection walls on the sides (see fig. above).

Due to its design, there is the possibility of adaptation, which is one of the major differences from the ECO-models. The Profi-hygiene stations can be individually adapted to suit their surroundings.


 Information about the ECO-Hygiene stations

 Information about the Profi- hygiene stations



Our hygiene stations fulfil the highest quality standards and are designed for long term work in the food and pharaceutical industries.
 correspond to the strict EU hygiene prescriptions
 2 years of warranty
 no delivery charges to EU and CH 

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Boot washer with hand brushes
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