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ProfilGate i45 aqua | Technical data | Accessories |
Price:  CHF 11'880.20 inc. VAT 8.1% 
 CHF 10'990.00 excl. VAT
 Shipping costs info
The price does not include installation, preparing the ground for ground-level installations or transport.
professional advice: Tel. +41 71 672 45 07 or e-mail.

Features and advantages  (further product details )
Washes and disinfects tyres, rollers and shoe soles in a fully automated process
Minimises the amount of germs brought into buildings
Increases product quality and safety
Brush fibres in line with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Suitable for use in areas with high hygiene requirements
Optimally corrosion-resistent
Made completely out of stainless steel (grating and trays)
One tray is equipped with several grates with central drainage
Cleans tyres right in the entrance areas
No power connection necessary

We will be glad to visit you at your premises to advise you on how to ideally
position the cleaning grates in your desired entrance areas.
We would be happy to provide you with a tailored quotation!

The price mentioned above is for 2 x 2 i45 aqua unit. You can find the
additional costs for 3 x 2 i45 aqua unit by clicking on Options/Version.

Available Options:
1. Version:

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 15-25 working days (custom-made)


Part drawing
i45 aqua

Overflow fitting

Cleaning the

Hygiene station
and ProfilGate

ProfilGate aqua

ProfilGate aqua


ProfilGate i45 aqua – for wet cleaning and disinfection

ProfilGate aqua specialises in the wet cleaning and disinfection of tyres, rollers, wheels and shoe soles.

It is made entirely of stainless steel and therefore perfect for use with harsh sanitizers or disinfectants. The system allows for water and/or sanitizer/detergent to be leveled 3mm below the level of the capturing tray.

ProfilGate aqua is available in 2 standard sizes. This model features several V2A grates complete with brush strips in a large stainless steel tray, which means that only one drain is required per aqua tray. The trays must be inserted into the driveway/walkway at ground level and then connected to the drainage system. (Drainage/overflow systems can be positioned according to the customers’ requirements).

ProfilGate basic models can be supplemented with ProfilGate dryzone, which prevents wetness from being brought into the building. Learn more about ProfilGate dryzone here. Alternatively, the wet area can be accompanied by a dry ProfilGate i45 aqua, which extracts moisture from the tyres and collects it in the trays using capillary action

More pictures of wheel cleaning system ProfilGate

With a height of just 45 mm, ProfilGate cleaning grates for pedestrians and vehicles (can withstand total loads of up to 15 t), can also be installed in hall entrances restrospectively. Patent-protected brushes wash and disinfect the tyres while the vehicles drive over the cleaning grates without losing any time. Removed dirt is collected in trays located underneath the grating. The trays can be easily cleaned by removing the grating. Optional „aqua-lifters“ can be easily applied and support the cleaning process.

To ensure efficient tyre cleaning, we recommend that the tyre treads come into contact with the brushes at least three times. This will remove 90% of dirt!


Clean Factory Interactive

The Clean Factory shows the optimal applications of ProfilGate in clean factories. The Clean Factory concept demonstrates how most contaminants can be kept outside your facilities and cross-contamination between different work areas can be prevented through use of various ProfilGate models.

Use Clean Factory Interactive yourself to obtain more information – including pictures and references – about every ProfilGate model available. Just click on the blue and grey grates!



ProfilGate i45 aqua - 2 x 2 Segment

Effective solution for wet cleaning and disinfection of trolleys with small rolls/wheels and shoe soles, in small passages.

extremely effective at cleaning tyres with a diameter of up to 154 mm,
Effective at cleaning tyres with a diameter of up to 205 mm


ProfilGate i45 aqua - 3 x 2 Segment

Effective solution for wet cleaning and disinfection of trolleys with small rolls/wheels and shoe soles, in a wider passage.

extremely effective at cleaning tyres with a diameter of up to 154 mm,
Effective at cleaning tyres with a diameter of up to 205 mm


Technical data

Casing: Stainless steel grating and tray (1.4301)
Module format: 
2 x 2 Units
3 x 2 Units
Tray sizes: 
2 x 2: 1,392 x 1,940 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
3 x 2: 2,084 x 1,940 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Max. permissible vehicle weight:
Suitable for hard casters/wheels:
Suitable wheel width:
> 30mm
Grates per unit: 
2 x 2: 4
3 x 2: 6
Grate weight: 
2 x 2: 4 x 42 kg
3 x 2: 6 x 42 kg
Power connection: No power connection necessary
Warranty: 2 years on the trays and grating. The brushes are also robust with
a guaranteed durability of 100,000 passages (under heavy traffic and with
regular cleaning) under normal use and by rotating the segments, they can
easily last up to 500,000 movements.


Accessories for ProfilGate i45 aqua Checkmark the box an hit "add to basket"
  description price  
 Lifting Hook for Wheel Cleaning System  CHF 258.35 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 239.00 excl. VAT
 Single-Person Lifting Device for ProfilGate  CHF 669.15 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 619.00 excl. VAT

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