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Shoe shine machine Quadro | Technical data | Accessories |
Price:  CHF 3'016.00 inc. VAT 8.1% 
 CHF 2'790.00 excl. VAT
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Striking, angular pillar design as a special room object
Stable, heavy-duty design for hotel lobby, restaurant or shopping centre
Oversized brushes for easy and quick cleaning of shoes
Secure hold during shoe care thanks to the grab rail
Activation by non-contact sensor (incl. timer)
Available with 3 brushes or with 2 brushes and 1 polish dispenser (see options)
Optional usable advertising space

Available Options:

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 10-15 working days


with 3 brushes

with 2 brushes

with 3 brushes

Quadro brushes


The Shoe shine machine Quadro continues the design line of the classic column shape of the Shoe schine machine Ellipse. The angular stainless steel case with a brushed surface and rounded corners can be equipped with 3 brushes without polish dispenser or with 2 brushes and a polish dispenser. The striking square column shape of the 1.27-metre-high shoe shine machine is particularly impressive in spacious corridors, spacious entrance areas and stylishly designed lobbies. It is the ideal shoe shine machine for larger hotels and restaurants as well as for shopping centres.

The shoe shine machine Quadro impresses with the following features:
  • Made of high-quality brushed stainless steel in square column design
  • Handholder for safe standing during shoe cleaning
  • Non-contact sensor with automatic timer (switches off automatically)
  • Removable sole cleaning mat with 6 red sole wipers for cleaning the sole profile
  • A pre-cleaning brush made of real horsehair, which gently removes dust and coarse dirt
  • One or two polishing brushes made of wool yarn, which are fixed in a stable wooden body (no threads flying around)
  • Optional: A 0.75 litre polish dispenser with stainless steel ball valve for optimum distribution of the special leather polish

Shoe shine machine with oversized brushes ensure for the easy cleaning of the shoes
Image: Shoe shine machine with oversized brushes ensure for the easy cleaning of the shoes.

Quick and convenient shoe cleaning with the Shoe shine machine Quadro.
In a first step, the sole can be cleaned of coarse dirt with the 6 red sole wipers embedded in the doormat. The shoe cleaning machine is started by gently touching the sensor located under the curved retaining bracket. The powerful 230 volt motor with its 700 revolutions per minute ensures the optimum rotation speed of the brushes. The bristles of the horsehair brush embedded in a wooden core carefully removes coarse dirt, dust and other visible impurities from the upper leather of the shoes. The polishing brush made of high-quality wool yarn then polishes the leather shoes to a high gloss.

The shoe shine machine Quadro is available as a version with or without polish dispenser. Especially in unattended areas, e.g. in a shopping centre, operation without polishing is favourable. Since the shoe polish does not need to be refilled, the shoe shine machine does not require any maintenance apart from superficial cleaning work.

The version with integrated polish dispenser allows the comfortable use of our special shoe cream. With its stainless steel ball valve, the 0.75 litre polish dispenser ensures that the optimum amount of shoe polish is applied to the leather shoe. With the help of the wool yarn brush, the leather polish can be evenly massaged into the material of the noble men's shoe.

Learn morn about the Quadro shoe shine machine in this product video:

Shoeápolishing machineáas advertising surface!

The importance of advertisement is undoubted and there are various ways to present an advertising message to a consumer. We have now found a further interesting way to quickly and effectively mediate advertising messages to the client. Into the modeláQuadro we introduce a picture of the product (perspex window) is displayed. You can also print your logo onto the case (logo) or even laser it into the case (illuminated logo).

A shapely shoeápolishing machineáis positioned in well frequented places, e.g. at an office reception, hotel or in a shopping centre, where guests and customers like to benefit from this free service. During the shoe care your advertising message is shown automatically. The customer associates the positive and amusing service directly with your advertising message. This way you can show your products and pictures in a place where so far no advertising surface was available.

Our advertising options:

  • Perspex window: e.g. present your menu of the day in an illuminated window.
  • Illuminated logo: by means of laser cut your logo is cut out of the case and illuminated from the behind.
  • Logo: by means of screenprint or transparency print your logo is adhered onto the case.

We would be pleased to make you an individual offer. Make your request now!á

Technical data

Casing: Stainless steel brushed
Dimensions: 38 cm x 34 cm x 127 cm (Length x Depth x Height)
Polish dispenser: 1 polish dispenser (0.75 litre with large stainless steel ball valve)
Brushes: (Model: 2 brushes and polish dispenser)
1 pre-cleaning brush made of horse hair, 1 polishing brush made from woollen warn (° 22 cm x 8 cm)
Brushes: (Model: 3 brushes without polish dispenser)
1 pre-cleaning brush made of horse hair, 2 polishing brush made from woollen warn (° 22 cm x 8 cm)
Contact switch: Sensor with timer
Electrical supply: 230 Volts (optionally 110 Volts)
Motor Power: 150 Watts, 700 rpm
Weight: 47 kg net, 50 kg gross
Warranty: 3 years
Accessories for Shoe shine machine Quadro Checkmark the box an hit "add to basket"
  description price  
 Plexiglass window for advertising  CHF 893.30 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 826.35 excl. VAT
 Set of brushes for shoe shine machine type II  CHF 499.85 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 462.40 excl. VAT
 special leather polish (2 liter)  CHF 149.55 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 138.35 excl. VAT
 with lit Logo (1 colour)  CHF 1'504.55 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 1'391.85 excl. VAT
 with lit Logo (2 colours)  CHF 1'897.00 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 1'754.85 excl. VAT
 with Logo (1-colour)  CHF 601.20 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 556.15 excl. VAT
 with Logo (2 colours)  CHF 902.35 inc. VAT 8.1%
CHF 834.75 excl. VAT

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