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Hygiene station Compact | Technical data |
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Tamper-proof, high-quality hygienic airlock.
Ideal for hygienic production areas with 40 persons or more.
Mechanical sole cleaning with automatic hand disinfection.
Sensor-controlled triggering of sole cleaning and hand disinfection.
With automatic dosage of disinfectant.
Damped, vandal-proof electric turnstile.
With integrated side splash guards.
Available in 4 different brush lengths (see options).
Quick and easy cleaning of the brush rollers without tools.

Information about walk-through direction version RIGHT / version LEFT

Technical data sheet / brochure

Available Options:
1. Version:
2. Walk-thourgh direction:

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 15-25 working days (custom-made)



many variations
are possible

brush length
1100 mm


The Hygiene station Compact is a safe-to-bypass hygiene sluice of the highest quality. It impresses with a hygienically flawless disinfection of the hands and soles of the employees, an outstanding functionality and a high-quality manufacturing made of best stainless steel. This hygiene sluice is especially suitable as an access control to sensitive production areas in the pharmaceutical and food industries, where medium to high numbers of personnel are to be expected during shift changes. The sensor-controlled disinfection process and the vandal-proof, electrically controlled turnstile guarantee that all employees enter the hygiene area with perfectly clean hands and soles.

Hygiene station compact with mechanical cleaning of soles and automatic hand disinfection

Image: Hygiene station Compact with mechanical sole cleaning and automatic hand disinfection.

The Hygiene station Compact impresses as an access control device in the hygiene area with the following features:
  • Professional hygiene sluice for the hygiene area
  • Especially popular in production areas with 40 or more people
  • Effective cleaning of soles and disinfection of hands
  • Clean production areas thanks to entry control device
  • Damped, extra stable electric turnstile
  • 2-hand disinfection machine
  • Easy maintenance, as all functional parts are easily accessible via flaps
  • Quick and easy cleaning of the brush rollers, as they can be removed without tools
  • Stable, height-adjustable stainless steel screw feet
  • High bristle quality
  • Adjustable running time of the brush rollers
  • Available with 4 different brush lengths (see options)
  • Cleaning agent quantity adjustable
  • Control of brush drive via sensor
  • Side step / splash guard
  • Emergency stop button
  • Multi-colour LED signal display with traffic light symbols
  • Optical messages in case of low disinfectant, defective or dirty sensor
  • Collection container for disinfectant residues

For optimal cleaning of shoe soles, the Compact hygiene lock is equipped with a continuous sole cleaner. When entering the hygiene sluice, the rotation of the two high-quality brush rollers is triggered. During the disinfection process, the employees move on a stainless steel grid through which the nylon bristles of the roller brushes protrude. The rotation rubs off all adhesions from the soles of boots, work shoes and clogs. At the same time, the brushes are continuously wetted with a water-disinfectant mixture, the concentration of which can be individually adjusted by an automatic dosing system. In addition, the running time of the continuous sole cleaner can be adjusted according to your wishes. For safe and easy access to the cleaning system, the hygiene sluice is equipped with anti-slip stainless steel steps and has a high side step protection, which also serves as a splash guard.

For first-class hand hygiene, the compact hygiene lock is equipped with an entrance control unit including a hand disinfection module. This device consists of a duplicate-proof 2-hand disinfection in connection with a turnstile that is released after the hand disinfection has been completed. This can be either always unlocked in the direction of the common rooms or locked. A visual indicator is mounted directly above the turnstile. It indicates whether the turnstile is unlocked (green) or locked (red). A practical canister holder for hand disinfectant is attached to the side of the entrance control unit.

The hygiene sluice is made entirely of stainless steel with finely ground surfaces and features high-quality workmanship. All functional parts are easily accessible via maintenance flaps and the brushes of the sole cleaner can be removed without tools in a few simple steps. This reduces the cleaning and maintenance effort to an absolute minimum.

The Hygiene station Compact is delivered assembled and ready for connection, small parts such as siphon, backflow preventer and sealing rings as well as installation on site are not included in the price. Because the machine can be dismantled into two parts, there are no problems during transport. The simple installation according to our instructions is carried out e.g. by a local sanitary company. The delivery takes place on a pallet by truck to the curb.

Technical data

Construction: Stainless steel1.4301
Dimensions: (Version: Brush length 400 mm)
800/1400 mm x 1043 mm x 1785 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Length of device: 800 mm
Brush length: 400 mm
Length of steps head side: 2 x 300 = 600 mm
Dimensions: (Version: Brush length 700 mm)
1100/1700 mm x 1043 mm x 1785 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Length of device: 1100 mm
Brush length: 700 mm
Length of steps head side: 2 x 300 = 600 mm
Dimensions: (Version: Brush length 1100 mm)
1500/2100 mm x 1043 mm x 1785 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Length of device: 1500 mm
Brush length: 1100 mm
Length of steps head side: 2 x 300 = 600 mm
Dimensions: (Version: Brush length 1600 mm)
2000/2600 mm x 1043 mm x 1785 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Length of device: 2000 mm
Brush length: 1600 mm
Length of steps head side: 2 x 300 = 610 mm
Dimensions: (Access control)
800 mm x 295 mm x 600 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Water inflow: 3/4" max. 43° C
Water outflow:
DN 50
Contact switch:
Electrical supply: 3x400V/N/PE; 50/60 Hz
Capacity: 0.6 kW
Control voltage of machine: IP 65
Control coltage of hand disinfectant: 24V
Control voltage of turnstile operation: 230V
Weight: kg
Warranty: 1 year

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