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Home » Sole cleaning machines » Sole cleaning machine with spray disinfection without water connection
Sole cleaning machine with spray disinfection without water connection | Technical data |
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Professional sole cleaner for hygienic areas
Active brush coating with spray disinfection
Hygienically perfect sole cleaning
No water connection necessary
Ideal for food producers and the pharmaceutical industry
With special brush tapes with nylon bristles
Starting the sole cleaner with the foot switch
Long-lasting and extremely robust stainless steel construction

Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 15-25 working days (custom-made)


Sole cleaning
with spray

sole cleaning



Clean soles of boots and shoes play an important role in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In production plants in the hygiene sector, the majority of contamination takes place via the distribution of germs through foot traffic. With the help of one of our sole cleaning locks, the carryover of dirt and germs can be reliably prevented. The sole cleaner machine WET 500 is ideal for small to medium-sized production companies that require a simple, efficient and hygienically perfect solution for sole disinfection.

This sole cleaner impresses with its unique brush system. The brush tapes running against each other reliably remove all buildup, dust, etc. from the shoe suckles and sole edges within a few moments. The extremely robust brush strips are provided with a high-quality and hard nylon bristle trimming and clean themselves automatically by the ingenious brush system. During the sole cleaning process, the nylon bristles are wetted with a disinfectant solution, which perfectly prevents the spread of germs.

Professional sole cleaner machine WET 500 with special brush strips for optimal cleaning and disinfection of shoe soles

Image: Professional sole cleaner machine WET 500 with special brush strips for optimal cleaning and disinfection of shoe soles.

The sole cleaner machine WET 500 impresses in the professional cleaning and disinfection of shoe soles with the following characteristics:
  • Automatic sole cleaner made of stainless steel.
  • Professional and hygienically perfect sole cleaning.
  • Housing made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Long-lasting, robust construction.
  • Secure footing thanks to stainless steel holding bar.
  • With a unique brush system.
  • 22 mm wide brush strips with hard, short nylon bristles.
  • Powerful motor for optimum brush cleaning performance.
  • Foot pedal to start the sole cleaner.
  • Automatic cleaning of the brushes through integrated counter brushes.
  • Brush tapes are automatically moistened with disinfectant solution.
  • Special brush system requires a very small amount of disinfectant.
  • Large collecting basin for rubbed dirt and liquid.
  • Thanks to the foldable machine, the basin is easy to reach and clean.
  • Machine is easy to clean and can easily be washed with water.

The ingenious brush system offers many advantages over classic systems with round and roller brushes, which depend on long bristles: The use of very short and hard bristles increases the durability of the nylon brushes. In addition, the maintenance and cleaning effort is very low compared to long bristled brushes. The most important advantage, however, is the fact that the brush strips require very little disinfectant. In order to achieve a thorough and hygienically perfect cleaning, the brush strips running against each other only need to be lightly moistened, which prevents the carry-over of moisture and thus slippery floors in the production area.

When an employee approaches the lock for sole cleaning, he or she can start the powerful motor by pressing the foot pedal. This triggers the rotation of the brush strips. These run like a conveyor belt from one side to the other. Brush belts lying next to each other always run in the opposite direction. This sideways movement rubs off all adherences from the soles of the shoes and the edges of the soles. The automatic wetting of the nylon bristles with the disinfectant solution also thoroughly disinfects the shoe soles. Within a few seconds, the soles of clogs, work shoes or boots are perfectly clean and the employee can enter the sensitive production areas with a clear conscience. A robust stainless steel handrail ensures a secure standing position throughout the sole cleaning process.

The special strip brushes are automatically and thoroughly cleaned inside the machine. After the dirt has been removed from the shoe soles, integrated counter brushes reliably remove the dirt from the hard nylon bristles before the brush is sprayed again with the disinfectant solution. The removed dirt and moisture is collected in a large collecting basin underneath the brushes. Thanks to the foldable machine, the stainless steel basin is easy to reach and can easily be emptied and cleaned. Due to the use of the best stainless steel and high-quality components, this sole cleaner is extremely robust and long-lasting. The cleaning effort is reduced to an absolute minimum due to easily accessible components and the fact that the system can easily be sprayed with water.

Technical data

Case: stainless steel
Dimensions: 1500 mm x 550 mm x 275 mm (width x depth x height)
Brushes: 22 mm wide, rotating brush strips with PA6.6 nylon trim
Starter: Foot switch
Power supply: 380 Volt, 50 Hz, 1.4 Amp.
Protection class: IP65
Weight: 125 kg net
Warranty: 2 years

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