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Active dirt trapper mat ProfilGate b45 go | Technical data | Accessories |
Price:  CHF 1'323.65 inc. VAT 7.7% 
 CHF 1'229.00 excl. VAT
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The price does not include installation, preparing the ground for ground-level installations or transport.
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Features and advantages  (further product details )
Patented active dirt trapper mat that actively and mechanically cleans any shoe soles with which it comes into contact
Suited to actively cleaning soles in industrial areas
As they are positioned at an angle and pre-stressed, special brushes vibrate when shoes walk over the mat
Thanks to very long, assymetrical bristles, even workboots with a deep sole profile are reliably cleaned
Looks like a conventional doormat
No power connection necessary

We will be glad to visit you at your premises to advise you on how to ideally
position the cleaning grates in your desired entrance areas.
We would be happy to provide you with a tailored quotation!

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Delivery time: Ready for dispatch within 7-10 working days



The Profilgate active dirt trapper mat was developed especially for cleaning shoe soles in industrial areas. The neutral-coloured black and white bristles of ProfilGate go fit seamlessly into any environment.

Suited to actively cleaning soles in idustrial areas
Image: Suited to actively cleaning soles in idustrial areas.

The bristles are 2 mm longer than those found in other ProfilGate models, allowing them to reliably clean workboots with a course profil in particular. The slanted bristles are compressed when soles come into contact with the cleaning grate, allowing them to actively rid soles of any dirt.

Unlike simple doormats/entrance mats, this model features special brushes positioned at an angle (patent-protected) that thoroughly clean sole profiles in a purely mechanical fashion (thanks to the brush motion). Pre-stressed brush strips position the bristles to protrude above the grate by up to 15 mm. Once a defined contact pressure (approx. 8 kg/strip) is exerted, the bristles will push against the soles. In combination with the swinging motion caused by people walking over the mat, this enables sole profiles to be cleaned in an active, highly efficient way.

Dirt falls into a 45 mm deep tray, preventing it from being picked up again by the next person (a problem with simple doormats). Removed dirt is collected in trays located underneath the grating. The trays can be easily cleaned by removing the grating.

ProfilGate, above-ground –
no installation work required

ProfilGate, at ground level –
with ditch for the tray

ProfilGate b45 go above-ground version
with special ramps

ProfilGate b45 version for installation
at ground level

More Pictures of active dirt trapper mat ProfilGate

If installed at ground level, ProfilGate can also be driven over by forklifts and other conveyor vehicles. Ramps can be used where installation at ground level is not possible, and do not require a lot of space. ProfilGate b45 ramps can also be driven over by light hand carts (up to 100 kg).

We recommend that soles come into contact with the brush grates at least three times to ensure thorough cleaning and remove 90% of dirt!


Clean Factory Interactive

The Clean Factory shows the optimal applications of ProfilGate in clean factories. The Clean Factory concept demonstrates how most contaminants can be kept outside your facilities and cross-contamination between different work areas can be prevented through use of various ProfilGate models.

Use Clean Factory Interactive yourself to obtain more information – including pictures and references – about every ProfilGate model available. Just click on the blue and grey grates!



ProfilGate b45 dryzone - drying


Minimises amount of moisture brought into buildings

Dries shoe soles

Removes oils and emulsion from shoe soles

Ultra-absorbent, heavy-duty non-woven material

Increases safety at the workplace

Can be used in combination with all ProfilGate models

This ProfilGate version keeps floors dry. It is often used in areas where bringing in moisture is undesirable or where preventing accidents and maintaining workplace safety is a top priority.

The special grating is covered with the unique DryPad – a heavy-duty non-woven material that is easily and securely fixed to the grating using two rubber pinch rolls. It absorbs liquids when it comes into contact with shoes/vehicles, including water, emulsion and oils. This enables it to reliably clean shoe soles.

ProfilGate dryzone is best suited for use in combination with a ProfilGate system (brush version). Pedestrians first of all walk across the ProfilGate b45 go (brush version) cleaning grate to remove course dirt from their shoe soles. Afterwards, ProfilGate DryPads soak up any excess liquid. This ensures thorough cleaning and minimises the amount of moisture brought into the building. 

The stainless steel trays positioned underneath the dryzone grating are the same size as those found in the corresponding ProfilGate models. As a result, the grates can be combined within the cleaning grates and replaced depending on the application as desired.

This also means that ProfilGate dryzone can be easily added to existing systems at a reasonable price. DryPads are cheap to buy and should be replaced on a regular basis.

Technical data

Active dirt trapper mat ProfilGate b45 go

Casing: stainless steel trays, hot-dipped grating (steel S 235 JR)
Module format: 1 x 1 unit
Tray sizes:  
b45 go: 702 x 976 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Suitable wheel width:
> 30mm
Grates per unit:
b45 go: 2
Grate weight:
b45 go: 2 x 22 kg
Hot-dipped chequered plate ramp (for above-ground installation, max. permissible load: 100kg):
Rampe Side: 200 x 976 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Rampe Front: 200 x 702 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Rampe Corner: 200 x 200 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Chequered plate ramp weight (for above-ground installation):
Rampe Side: 6.6 kg
Rampe Front: 4.9 kg
Rampe Corner: 1.2 kg
Power connection: no power connection necessary
Warranty: 2 years on the trays and grating. The brushes are also robust with
a guaranteed durability of 100,000 passages (under heavy traffic and with
regular cleaning) under normal use and by rotating the segments, they can
easily last up to 500,000 movements.


ProfilGate b45 dryzone - drying

Casing: Stainless steel trays, hot-dipped grating (steel S 235 JR)
Module format: 1 x 1 unit
Tray sizes: 
b45 dryzone: 702 x 976 x 45 mm (width x length x depth)
Suitable wheel width:
> 30mm
Grates per unit:
b45 dryzone: 1
Grate weigth:
b45 dryzone: 1 x 34 kg
Hot-dipped chequered plate ramp (for above-

Accessories for Active dirt trapper mat ProfilGate b45 go Checkmark the box an hit "add to basket"
  description price  
 DryPad high-perfomance fleece  CHF 192.80 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 179.00 excl. VAT
 Hot-dipped checkerplate ramp corner  CHF 126.00 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 117.00 excl. VAT
 Hot-dipped checkerplate ramp front  CHF 210.00 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 195.00 excl. VAT
 Hot-dipped checkerplate ramp side  CHF 236.95 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 220.00 excl. VAT
 Lifting Hook for Wheel Cleaning System  CHF 203.55 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 189.00 excl. VAT
 Single-Person Lifting Device for ProfilGate  CHF 558.95 inc. VAT 7.7%
CHF 519.00 excl. VAT

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